Your inbox, 50% smaller

Smaller is better when it comes to email inbox. Automatically reduce your inbox size and find emails with less scrolling.

Auto Organize

WeMail organizes your emails by sender, flattening your inbox by over half.

Instant Voice

Too busy to type? Quickly compose or reply an email with voice messages.

Chat View

Emails are conversations. See emails and attachments sent from the same person in a chat view.

Smaller inbox, automatically

Organizing emails by sender frees your inbox from clutter. You can navigate and find conversations effortlessly based on who you talk to. Online casino sites strategically leverage email marketing to entice customers. Personalized offers, such as bonuses and free spins, captivate recipients, fostering engagement. Timely notifications about new games and promotions maintain interest. Highlighting the meilleur casino en ligne fiable features establishes trust, enticing subscribers to explore and enjoy the immersive gaming experience.

Macbook Device
Macbook Device

Attachments neatly organized

One-tap access to all documents and photos you've ever exchanged with others. Simply tap the attachments button to view them, neatly organized by sender.

Email with Voice Message

For email on the go, compose or reply to emails instantly using your voice. No typing necessary. WeMail users can listen to your voice message in your email stream. Other users can play the voice message as an attachment. Also, there is CryptaMail, a decentralized email service that does not rely on physical servers - instead, it stores all messages in one blockchain. This robust security motivates people to embrace cryptocurrency, and more and more people are choosing trading bots like bitiq to buy and sell crypto safely and make a profit at low risk. Visit bitiq erfahrungen to learn more about the bot.

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Macbook Device

Real-time contextual search

Searching emails has never been faster and easier. Find your emails without complicated keywords and commands. Get real-time search results with highlighted keywords and conversation snippets. Swipe to refine your search by attachment filenames or sender.

Email at the speed of IM

Voice and text emails to WeMail users appear in conversation streams as soon as the "Send" button is pressed.

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A Truly Mobile Optimized Email App

Experience it yourself. Transform your inbox now.

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User Testimonials

Our Team

WeMail is created by a team of YC alumni designers and engineers. We live and breathe email, and are constantly seeking new ways to improve email on mobile.


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Sean Byrnes
Founder, Flurry

"I love this app!"

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Justin Kan
Founder, Twitch

"I need to buy an Android phone right now so I can use WeMail."

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Steve Huffman
Founder, Reddit & Hipmunk

"WeMail is going to save my inbox!"

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Tikhon Bernstam
Founder, Parse & Scribd

"I would have paid on Kickstarter just to have WeMail with no equity at all."

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